I was facing 11 felonies and over 20 years in prison when I first met Michelle Carson. I had no criminal history and was scared to death. I thought my life was over. When she took my case a lot of the fears went away. Not just because I had a lawyer, but because I had a lawyer who cared, showed it, and was very thorough with explaining all the details about my case and the potential outcomes. We had countless meeting, phone calls, and court dates and there wasnt 1 time when I felt like she didn't want to be there or talk to me. Michelle was my lawyer for two years and a three week trail, so I got to know her pretty well. She is a very caring and intelligent woman. While we were in court for the trial she amazed me at the level of skill and professionalism she showed in the courtroom. She was firm, factual, and connected with the jury. As you can probably tell, since I'm writing this review, I was found not guilty. Because of Michelle Carson, I was able to continue on with my life and meet my beautiful wife. Stay in my daughters life's, and in October, will be able to hold my first grandchild. I am forever grateful for meeting her and retaining her as my lawyer. Thank You.


Michelle took over a case for a member of our Family that was thoroughly horribly botched by an incompetent attorney. She "made the best of a bad situation", and she did all she promised to do, and all that could be done. It is vitally important to pick the "best" at the beginning, for once the legal system has acted, it is very difficult to reverse the process. Michelle stopped the process, and reversed as much as could be reversed under the Laws of AZ. She performed very well. We would definitely use her again.






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